Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Rescue

August 29, 2012  **Wednesday. Starbucks. 8:06am**

A long time ago, my teacher had told us a story about a river that flowed through a town.  

One day, the few of the people were found dead down river.  The police and other authorities immediately arrived at the scene. Soon thereafter, there were many other deaths. No one was able to figure out why this was happening.  The deaths were multiplying daily. They built a morgue and filled it with various personnel and opened up a large lot to bury the dead down river.  No one ever thought to travel upriver until a life guard happened to be hiking near the woods in that area.  This life saver noticed something strange and questioned why it was so.  It was then their efforts was redirected up stream to find the reason for their deaths instead of just burying the dead.  This simple observation saved many lives. 

See, I strive to become a World Changer when I grow up.  I want to be a part of the life saving rescue efforts.  By finding out the initial causes and creating ways of prevention; I can help change and make an impact in the world by learning how to save lives.  

My journey through NHCC will be a part of what will enable me to become the world changer, life saver, redirector of traffic, and just shine the light in the darkness that I strive to be.  This is impossible but with God, He makes things happen! 

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