Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Safe Travels

July 25, 2012                     **Wednesday. Starbucks. 7:51am**

 2 Chronicles 15:5-7

"During those dark times it was not safe to travel. Problems trouble the people of every land. Nation fought against nation, and city against city, for God was troubling them with every kind of problem. But for you, be strong and courageous, for your work will be rewarded."

 In these bible days, The king was King Asa who was Abijah's son, grandson of Rehoboam, great grandson of Solomon, and great great grandson of David. This above conversation was between King Asa and Azariah, son of Oded-a prophet of God. The prophet was telling King Aza stay with God. After Azariah informed the king of God's good news, he removed idols and repaired the altar of Lord. He became so passionate about not straying from God that he had his people killed if they did not seek the Lord and it didn't even matter if you were a man or woman, young or old. When his grandma had made an Asherah pole, he removed her from her royal position! The thing is, is that as I read on about King Asa, at this time of his kingship, he did follow God but something happened that he fell away from the ways of the Lord. In verses 7-9, Hanani, the seer, came up to the king and tried to refocus his eyes back to God. Verse 9 says, "For the eyes of the Lord search the whole earth in order to stregthen those whose heart are fully committed to him. What a fool you have been! From now on you will be at war." Wow, harsh.

 Throughout my "spiritual schooling" -- Horizon School of Evangelism and New Hope Christian College, when we approach the end of term or semester, we are advised to "Finish Well". I love that but what about "Keep Your Hand to the Plow"? Sure there will be ups and downs in life but sometimes when I do finish well I start to boast at veer off track -- into myself. I start to pat myself on the back, tend to look back at my accomplishment, and sometimes, I've taken my hands off the plow. These are the moments that I pray about -- the moments where I want to "learn how to jump after being on my knees". I think about the Bruce Lee moves as he's in a squat and all of a sudden he jumps, using his body strength to lift himself off into a standing position. I want to become "strong and courageous" and "keep on going" without loosing sight of what is truly important. I want to learn this Bruce Lee move. To remember that my Lord God is EVERYTHING.

Lord, Help me to keep my eyes on you, not to stray or become so distracted that it takes every effort to go back on the right track. Thank you for keeping your eyes on me. Teach me to have a FULLY COMMITTED heart to you.

 In these days, sometimes it is not safe to travel -- the things we see, hear, touch, and do can affect our lives. As long as I walk alongside of Jesus, he keeps my travels safe.


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