Monday, July 23, 2012

Organized Life

July 23, 2012   **Monday. Starbucks. 9:50am**

2 Chronicles 8:14-16

In assigning the priests to their duties, Solomon followed the regulations of his father, David.  He also assigned the Levites to lead the people in praise and to assist the priests in their daily duties.  And he assigned the gatekeepers to their gates by their divisions, following the commands of David, the man of God.  Solomon did not deviate in any way from David's commands concerning the priests and Levites and the treasuries.  So Solomon made sure that all the work related to building the Temple of the Lord was carried out, from the day its foundation was laid to the day of its completion.

Solomon was a wise man.  His decisions to "not deviate in any way" in regards to the work of God's Temple is extremely important.  I don't know the details of what this enormous task involved because of how grand the temple was, but I do know that it must have been a very daunting task!  Imagine being in charge of the Temple of the Lord!  Just reading how much detail, how many rooms, the complexity of this building!  Not only is it just an amazingly piece of architecture, but God's Holy place!  The responsibility of managing this place is HUGE!!  Solomon must of been a really good manager.  I can imagine being a Levite working for this guy.  He was the original CEO, the OG Chief Executive Officer running God's first business.  He must have been tough but what a great leader he must of been!

I would love to be this kind of leader, who "goes by the book" and does not cut corners.  When I was following the path of a business degree, I've always wanted to be a CEO, but it never really mattered what company I worked for, just as long as I got my own parking space.  That was my goal in my career: to have my own personal parking space.  It's amazing to where God has brought me through in this journey for my own parking space.  I know that God has allowed me to become a successful CEO at Permanent Vacation and although my parking space may not be personalized it is personal, even though it changes spots on a daily basis.  I want to apply Solomon's character of being a good leader by not deviating from God's law and not to take corners.

Lord, You are good.  You are an amazing God.  Thank you for being God.  Help me to know your ways, to not deviate from your path, to go by the book, and not cut corners.  I know that as I organize and straighten my life, you will bring the success that you want for me, the fruits of my labor will not go in vain.  I know that with you by my side, with you as my teacher, my divine mentor; as you are strict and discipline me, I know that I will succeed in all that I do.

Organizing my life means to follow His rules, His laws, and His path.


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