Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hope 11.1.11

Hello Friends,

This blog originally started for The Rock Church Military ministry but now I hope that it could reach any military personnel. 

My idea of Operation Mail Call is for anyone to receive a letter of hope. 

I used to imagine what it would feel like, for a deployed soldier, at upon mail call, he would jump up from his resting position and focus his eyes and ears towards the mail caller.  He hopes there would be a letter for him. He would hear other's names called out but as the bag gets smaller his hope dwindles down.  That glimmer of hope that today would be the day someone wrote to him is slowly fading away.  No love notes for him today.  Pushing those thoughts aside, he switches gear and realigns his mind with the mission ahead of him. 

My hope is that this simple blog could be that letter of hope that keeps that soldier's hope going. 

This is no way a substitute for those handwritten notes of affection but a way to reach a broader audience via today's technology.  My heart is for the military for I was once a military wife.  Those days are long gone but this is my way to attempting to stay connected with that former part of my life.  Most of the previous posts in 2009 were taken straight from devotional bibles and as I grow into my ministry I am learning to create my own devotions.  I will still pull a few from other sources, but I hope most will be from my heart straight to yours.  These are my letters to the country's warriors, those in the armed forces of America.  

Lord, please keep these men and women safe, comfort them in troubling times, provide strength when it seems like they can't go any further, but most of all, hope.  Hope in you, your personal, intimate, loving God that never leaves nor never ever stops thinking of us.  I love you.  In Jesus's name, Amen

Here's looking at you, kid!


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