Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Enjoy Life

Ecclesiastes 7:14

"Enjoy prosperity while you can, but when hard times strike, realize that both come from God.  Remember that nothing is certan in his life."

Ecclesiastes was written by Solomon, the wisest person in the bible.  He wrote many books and Ecclesiastes was said to be written on his tail end of his career, and it's said that he was in a backslidden state.  These I don't know if it is true but upon reading this book, I think he may have gained an different perspective and understanding of life.  There are many studies about Solomon but for me I admire the fact that he made every effort to seek God and gain the wisdom only He can offer.  For a man to have that much wisdom, Solomon must have been in constant communion with God the Father. 

A few weeks ago I ruptured my Achilles Tendon while skateboarding.  I have been in a leg cast since then.  {it's scheduled to be removed on Dec. 5--originally Nov. 14 but it was re-casted because of weird sensations in my foot.}  A few days after the incident, I was really bummed out; one reason because I couldn't ride my board, but it really sucked to be stuck in bed disabled.  If you've ever broken or injured yourself to this point, you'll agree with me that it majorly sucks.  For me, I just had to get over myself and realize that there is more to life than being stuck.  You choose your attitude and how you live your life.  Life is a choice.  This scripture, although it may sound like common knowledge, allows me to realize that both good and bad times does come from God and we are to enjoy BOTH. 

My prayer is that we see that life is a choice.  We choose how we feel, our attitudes, and most of all, how we live our lives.  The only way we can truely see things the way it's supposed to be is if we have God in our lives.  We can choose to be "happy" but without God, not knowing the goodness of God, we will not be satisfied in our souls...we will always long for something and until it's filled with God, as Solomon says "it is meaningless--like chasing the wind."

Are you enjoying the good and bad of life?  Do you fully have the knowledge and the heart about the goodness of God?  How's your attitude today?  Take these questions to the Heavenly Father and spend time getting to know Him today. 

Here's looking at you, kid!


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